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Location is the Key to Fall Prevention

Why is waterfront property more premium than inland? Location! Much like real estate, fall prevention is all about location; the location of support.

Poorly-placed support holds virtually no value to the user, while support in the right location makes movement easy by taking advantage of the body’s natural mechanics. This ensures that transfers are smooth, seamless, and most importantly – safe.

ANALOGY: Bicycles & Bath Safety
Pictured below (left) is a bicycle with a vertical handlebar, located off to one side. This type of bicycle handle does not exist, and for good reason – it would be difficult to comfortably steer or lean on.

Bicycle Comparison

Unfortunately, this inconvenient location of support is common among products in the bathroom safety industry. Since support is off to the side and often far from where we need to go, it is difficult for anyone to use it without the risk of falling (aren’t we supposed to be preventing falls?).

Wouldn’t it be better if safety products were more like a bicycle’s true handlebars (shown above right) – located in front of the user, easy to reach, and easy to control?

Support That Works For You
At HealthCraft, we believe safety should be positioned to optimize how the body wants to move (and not just what is convenient to install). HealthCraft products are all designed with the ideal location of support in mind: in front of the user.

Think of HealthCraft as the better bicycle handlebar.

Check out this video to see the cyclist in action!

Click here to find out what skydivers, orangutans, gymnasts and mechanics have to do with fall prevention.

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