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Steady As We Go – Protect The Seniors You Love and keep them Safe.

While there’s never a good time to be admitted to the hospital, there’s an entirely new level of risk involved today. Fortunately, hand sanitizer and face masks aren’t the only tools for preventing loved ones from a hospital stay during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s time to consider an additional approach to protect those we love: fall prevention.

Each year, over 1.6 million Canadians fall. Almost half of those falls result in serious injury. Amongst older Canadians, falls account for 85 per cent of injury-related hospital stays. Preventing the seniors in our lives from becoming part of that 85 per cent is one of the most impactful things we can do right now to protect the ones we love from increased exposure to COVID-19.

At Healthcraft, we’ve been helping people live more safely in their homes for 25 years. We have seen first-hand how the right information, resources and products can drastically reduce the risk of at-home falls. For the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re making it our mission to help you take the right steps to protect your loved ones from a hospital stay associated with a fall.

It all begins with a conversation. In our 25 years of helping guide these conversations, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. We hope these three tips will help you have a potentially life-saving conversation with the seniors you love.



Discussing fall risk with seniors can be a tricky topic. If not appropriately framed, they may get defensive. Instead of starting the conversation by stating you are afraid they might fall, take a different approach. Communicate that it’s important you work together to do everything possible right now to reduce their risk of a hospital stay. For example:

“The last thing any of us want right now is to have to go to the hospital. Everyone is focusing on reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection, but there are some other things we can do to reduce the risk of having to go to the hospital and being exposed to germs there. This would be a terrible time to have a fall that lands you in the hospital. Is that a worry for you?”



If your loved one doesn’t seem concerned about falling, don’t end the conversation there. We’ve developed an easy-to-use checklist that will help you identify potential fall risks that might not be front of mind for them. Ideally, have a conversation to discuss the items on the checklist. If they don’t seem open to that, you can use the checklist yourself to assess their home and address fall risks. Get the Fall Prevention Checklist



In our experience, seniors often object to at-home support tools because they don’t want to make expensive or permanent changes to their homes. An additional objection during COVID-19 isolation may be that it’s not safe to have a contractor come into their home to install these products. Fortunately, Healthcraft’s new Home Safety Kit addresses all those concerns. The Home Safety Kit combines four innovative fall prevention devices that can be easily installed throughout the home in less than 30 minutes without the use of tools.



  • A SuperPole with SuperBar for horizontal and vertical support that can be easily installed between any floor and ceiling with the simple turn of a jackscrew. It does not typically require drilling holes into the floor or ceiling, making it easy to relocate or remove.
  • An Assista-Rail to reduce the risk of falls getting in and out of bed that is installed between the bed’s mattress and box spring.
  • An Easy Mount Tub-Rail, which fits a variety of tub widths and reduces fall risk in the bathtub.
  • A Shower Stool to reduce fall risk in bathtubs and stand-up showers.

To support our communities during this difficult time, for every Home Safety Kit sold, we’ll make a donation to support local food banks’ COVID-19 relief efforts through Food Banks Canada and Feed America.

The Healthcraft team is available to answer any questions you may, offer product guidance and arrange for contact-free product delivery of Home Safety Kits throughout Canada and the United States. Complete our online form, call us at 888-619-9992, or email us at

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