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Lighten Up: Trends in Bathroom Decor

Lighter, brighter bathrooms with more natural tones.

Tour any bathroom showroom, thumb through the latest IKEA catalogue or poke around Pinterest and you’re bound to notice it trending.

“There’s a definite move toward a more Scandinavian design aesthetic in today’s bathrooms,” says Sunil Achia, Senior Industrial Designer at HealthCraft Products. “You see it in what big companies like Umbra and IKEA are showing — rooms and hardware with lots of white and grey, matte finishes and natural woods.”

The home improvement website Houzz reports that more than a third of UK homeowners who renovated their bathrooms in 2017 opted for white walls. Just under a third chose grey. White also won out for cabinets and countertops, with grey again coming second. And grey floors were by far the most common choice.

So what’s behind the trend?

“A lot of people enjoy having a nice, bright bathroom,” says Achia. “When you use colors that are light and easy on the eyes, you feel rejuvenated when you step into the room.”

White bathtub with wood decor



With any color palette, a room’s fixtures and accessories have to fit in and complement the look. In bathrooms, that means bathtubs, shelving and more. It also increasingly includes safety features like seating, grab bars and nonslip flooring, which many homeowners are starting to build into their bathrooms as part of another trend: accessible remodeling.

A bathroom reno is the perfect opportunity to meet existing or anticipated mobility needs because you can choose products that blend in with an overall design. In fact, a 2018 Houzz study on bathroom trends revealed that more than half of U.S. homeowners aged 55 or older took the opportunity to address current or future mobility needs as part of a bathroom renovation.

With new matte-white finish and honey stain options, Invisia’s seating products provide safety and support while fitting seamlessly into today’s lighter, brighter bathrooms. Get in touch for more information about the Invisia Collection or for help selecting the right product for your needs.

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