Perfect Bath Safety For Multigenerational Housing

The trend of multigenerational housing is increasing. More parents, children, and grandparents are living together than ever before.

The multigenerational household offers great pleasure in emotional bonding, closeness, and companionship. In these households, grandparents play a crucial role, not just as care takers of children, but also as role models.

However, with more family members and generations living together under a single roof, there can be a few challenges. With this growing multigenerational housing trend, bathrooms tend to be the smallest and the busiest rooms. Few other places in a house have the dangerous combination of slick surfaces and water that can lead to slips, falls and injuries. Fortunately, Invisia can help bridge this bathroom safety challenge with its collection of beautiful bathroom safety solutions that are designed to make your bathroom a haven… no matter what your age is.


Safety in Style

Living in multigenerational housing doesn’t mean that one has to compromise on style. Invisia has all the visual appeal of a contemporary state of the art washroom – important for both older adults and young children.

The HealthCraft Plus Series and the Invisia Collection both cleverly design safety pieces to serve specific functions that also look beautiful. These thoughtful designs are explicitly intended to put safety and accessibility as high up on the agenda as aesthetics and contemporary style.


Plus Series Shampoo Shelf on a tiled wall with a hand holding it for support
Plus Series Shampoo Shelf
Plus Series towel ring with a hand holding it for support
Plus Series Towel Ring

Creating a harmonious home that features attractive shower safety and bath seating can be easy:


Designer Grab Bars
When you move around the bathroom, maintaining your balance is the key to avoiding any falls… especially on wet, soapy and slippery floors. Think of the Invisia designer grab bars as 2-1 accessories (for example, a Shampoo Shelf that is functional but can also support up to 500lbs). These attractive grab bars can easily blend into your bathroom’s décor so that you can have a seamless look. Click here to see the Invisia designer grab bars and here for the Plus Series 2-in-1 grab bars.

Bathroom Seating
At Invisia, we offer a selection of bathroom seating, including shower stools, fold-down seats, bathtub benches and corner seats. Sitting this attractive certainly doesn’t look like safety, but sitting down to shower, shave your legs or wash your feet certainly is. Click here to see more shower seats and bath benches.

Feature image shows the award-winning design  work from 55 Plus Interiors in Scottsdale, AZ