The What & Where Of Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Month is important because it highlights the dangers of a fall that can occur and share resources on how to prevent them in the future. In this article you will learn which rooms in the home are at the highest risk of falling, and how you can remove these dangers.

Fall Prevention Month - We All Have A Roll To Play

When looking at global fall statistics, it may seem shocking that falls rank among the leading causes of death for injury related deaths. Nearly 6% of people aged 65+ reported having an injury from falling in 2018 it is critical we learn where the dangers of falling are. To paint a full picture of how to prevent injuries from falls, it must be understood where and how these falls take place. Stats show that roughly 60% of all falls occur within the home, of those falls 31% occur in the living room, 30% in the bedroom, 13% in the bathroom, and an accumulated 29% throughout the rest of the home.

Fall Prevention Chart

There are many causes that can lead to a fall, but over 70% of falls inside the home happen in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom. It is common that in these areas’ mobility is limited and balance is tested, to get in and out of the tub you are required to balance on one foot as you pivot onto a wet space. Body position changes also present difficulty, getting up from a seating or prone position requires your body to quickly balance as an individual shifts their momentum forward to get up. This forward motion leads to becoming off balance and falling forward. Learning of the different methods of fall prevention and what to look for can make all the difference in being safer and avoiding injury.

Fortunately, there are resources that bring awareness to the hazards within your home. In Canada there is a large group of professionals dedicated to planning fall prevention strategies. A key suggestion that is provided is to take a scan of the environment and identify what may be a hazard, some examples are:
• Is there a non-slip surface in the tub/shower
• Install grab bars by the toilet and bath to help you stand up or balance
• Reduce clutter, loose wires and chords that can be tripped over

For a complete fall prevention checklist click here.