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Let’s Work Together To Help Your Customers Age In Place – And End The Epidemic Of Falls

By Combining Your Awesome Service & Community Leadership With Our World-Class Products


We’ve heard that your company has an amazing team focused on helping people in your community be safer, and lead full and rewarding lives.

When you work so hard to help your customers deal with the stress and anxiety caused by physical challenges and fall risks, it makes sense to partner with manufacturers who share your values and goals.

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HealthCraft Products Get 5 Star Reviews…
You Get All The Credit

Customers judge your business by 2 things:

  • Their experience of your teams service
  • The quality of the products they buy from you

So naturally, you want both to be great.

When you work with HealthCraft, you get products that are proven to work, built to last, and sure to get 5 star reviews.

You also get to offer your customers our HealthCraft Products lifetime warranty (but they’ll probably never have to use it).

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Keeping Your Customers Safe, Healthy, And Happily At Home

Man using a SuperPole with SuperBar
“Great! Really helps my Dad feel safe and independent.”

Katrina Meeks

Woman holding the PT Rail in a bathroom, holding the rail for support
“Gives me my freedom. It’s very durable.”

Lise Lecuyer

Woman using the SuperPole with Super to help her sit up and stand up from the bed
“Purchased to transfer to and from my wheelchair to my bed. Much better than other similar products.”

C Bright

If Preventing Falls Is Part Of Your Mission
We Want To Partner With You

When You Make Preventing Falls A Core Focus, Customers, Experts And Your Community ALL Notice. Our best and most successful partners ALL share these attributes:

  • Owner operated
  • Work with a purpose
  • Standardised processes
  • Professional certification
  • Growth mindset

If that sounds like you and your team, we’d love to talk.

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And let’s explore how HealthCraft can support your business with:

  • World-class innovative and durable products
  • Excellent value and profit potential
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Fall prevention for every life stage
  • Training for your teams
  • Partnership on customer education