Great Things Come In Pairs

Great Things Come In Pairs

Batman and Robin. Bert and Ernie. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Wine and Cheese. The world is full of examples of complementary parts, that when combined together – make a whole greater than the sum of the individual parts (known as Gestalt Theory). Here are the benefits of blending safety into bathroom accessories:

Bathroom accessories that won’t tear off the wall.

When thinking of bathroom accessories, safety, and personal support does not come to mind. This is an interesting thought, considering wet surfaces make the bathroom the most common place for a fall to occur. A slip can cause any one of us to break a fall by grabbing for whatever is closest – usually, a soap dish epoxied to the wall. So, we thought: can we make a soap dish that can ALSO support your weight?

It limits the clutter while maximizing functionality.

Bathroom accessories and grab bars are best located close to you, for convenience and safety. Having multiple accessories as well as safety equipment can appear cluttered and overwhelming. Unfortunately, when they compete for the same real estate – the safety equipment is the first to go. By combining safety with accessories, you won’t have to compromise your bathroom – or your safety.

Hide the stigma of grab bars behind items that are commonplace in the bathroom.

The effectiveness of grab bars has been proven to be helpful for people of all ages and abilities – yet, many perceive them as institutional and unwanted. By disguising the grab bar as a beautiful bathroom accessory, we provide the benefit of safety within everyday items.

The best part about incorporating 2-in-1 Bathroom Accessories into your life, is that you don’t need to compromise on style or safety. Our bathrooms should be a place of calm and relaxation – not fear or shame. That’s why Invisia combines safety and style – great things do come in pairs.

For more information about 2-in-1 Bathroom Accessories, visit our Plus Series or Invisia Collection for more information.