Uni-Fit™ Extender

Image of the Uni-Fit Extender for the SuperPole
Image of the Uni-Fit Extender for the SuperPole
Uni-Fit™ Extender

Uni-Fit™ Extender


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The Uni-Fit Extender increases the floor to ceiling range of the SuperPole from 93-99″ to 100-120″ (236-251cm to 254-305cm).

(Cannot be used with SuperTrapeze, SuperPole HD, or SuperPole Ultra).

Product Features

Easy to Install

The Uni-Fit Extender is a metal tube that attaches between the top plate and the pole assembly of the SuperPole.

Height Adjustable

The Uni-Fit Extender features a series of holes that can be selected depending on the desired floor to ceiling height range.

Tech Specs

Specifications subject to change without notice. Product not intended for outdoor use.

Alloy Steel
White (Anti-Microbial Powder Coat)
Weight Capacity
300lbs / 136kg


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