Keeping a loved one or yourself safe and in your home can be a challenge. Through our years, we have accumulated tips, tricks and advice. In the HealthCraft Group Learning Hub you’ll find articles, videos, quizzes, guides, downloads and more. Please take a look and reach out if you have any questions.

Articles and Guides

Aging In Place Design Tips with BuildAble’s Kyla Cullain

What is aging in place design? Aging in place design is any design process, modification, or outcome that helps someone continue to live independently (or semi-independently) in their home as they get older. As we age, our needs change. Proactively designing for aging in place allows us to adapt our spaces to meet these changing […]

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Bathroom Safety: The 3 Things to Consider

What should I do to improve my bathroom safety? Bathroom safety is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and deciding between various approaches can be overwhelming. Answering these three questions will help you make the right choices:  How urgent is your need? What areas or hazards in your bathroom are you trying to make safer? What’s your […]

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Your Guide to Choosing Shower Grab Bars

No wonder the bathroom is one of the biggest sources of fall related injuries in the home, regardless of age. There are serious slip and falls risks whether you are 5 or 95 years old. […]

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Conversations to Protect Your Family.

While there’s never a good time to be admitted to the hospital, there’s an entirely new level of risk involved today. With hospitals serving as the frontline in the COVID-19 battle […]

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Don’t Treat Falls – Prevent Them with This Checklist

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Fall Prevention Checklist
Keeping older adults, their families and caregivers out of clinics, emergency rooms and hospitals is crucial. […]

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Risking a fall

Location is the Key to Fall Prevention

Poorly-placed support holds virtually no value to the user, while support in the right location makes movement easy by taking advantage of the body’s natural mechanics. This ensures that transfers are smooth, seamless, and most importantly – safe. […]

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