Three Questions About The SuperPole

As we age, there are many changes that happen, one of the most important being a decrease in movement ability. Fortunately, there are products such as the HealthCraft SuperPole that can provide both safety and support when it comes to staying safe in and around your home. Whether you’re an older adult who is looking for a solution to help increase independence while maintaining safety, or if you just want more information about how the innovative HealthCraft SuperPole works – then continue reading this article for three common questions that get asked about the SuperPole!

What is the SuperPole made of?

The SuperPole is made from alloy steel. This means that the pole is made out of a very strong and durable steel that has the strength to support someone leaning against it or pulling on it for to 450lbs for certain SuperPole Versions. It also means that it shouldn’t be installed in a place where it will be exposed to the elements (mostly water), as it could rust.

The alloy steel is painted white with an antibacterial powder-coat process that helps prevent the buildup of germs on the surface. The best way to clean it is to wipe it down with a small towel using warm water and soap. The grips on the SuperPole, as well as the SuperBar and SuperTrapeze attachments, are made of non latex, closed-cell PVC foam.

Can it be installed in my shower?

Due to its steel alloy construction, the SuperPole cannot be installed inside the shower because it will rust. It can, however, be installed outside of the shower with limited water contact to help support someone securely when entering or exiting the shower or bathtub.

If you’re looking to install a product with similar safety features in your shower (movable, two-handed, forward-facing support), our Dependa-Bar is specifically designed for this application. It also works well installed outside of the shower beside a toilet where there may not be enough clearance to install it on the floor.

I think I might be missing a part of my SuperPole—help!

If you think you might be missing a part of your SuperPole, you can contact us directly at 1-888-619-9992 and we can troubleshoot together. Making sure you have everything you need for your SuperPole is our job, so we’re more than happy to help!


Whether you are seeking an aid for mobility challenges, experiencing body stiffness, or recovering from a surgery, The HealthCraft SuperPole is a helpful tool in overcoming challenges with movement as you age. It provides both safety and support so you can confidently and safely age independently in place. For more information on the SuperPole or if you are ready to purchase – don’t hesitate to check out the SuperPole series articles or look at the product directly! We hope that our general FAQ article has provided the answers to your questions about what the SuperPole can do. Thank you for reading and we encourage you to pursue whatever solutions work best for you on your unique journey towards healthier aging!