Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchors: The Answer to Your Wall-Mounting Woes

Discover a Secure Solution for Mounting Grab Bars in Your Home with Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchors!

Wall Anchors may be the answer to your grab bar installing woes. Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchors are designed for use where no studs are available. They are compatible with various substrates such as fiberglass, drywall, and drywall with tile. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and uses of wall anchors.

How does the Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchor work?

The Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchor has two main components, the anchor and the mounting plate. The POM plastic anchor sits behind the wall substrate, while the stainless steel mounting plate is on the front. The anchor is attached to the plate with a stainless steel bolt. Together the two distribute the weight over a large surface area, allowing the grab bar to support up to 300 lbs with no studs.

The grab bar will attach to the mounting plate with three stainless steel bolts that align with the flange. The Easy Mount wall anchor makes the secure installation of grab bars a breeze. It is compatible with Healthcraft’s Easy Mount and PLUS Series grab bars.

Why use the Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchor?

  • Quick and secure installation: Wall Anchors are the perfect solution for those who want to install a wall anchor for grab bars without the hassle of finding studs.
  • Waterproof grab bar installation: If you need to install a grab bar in a bathroom or any other wet area, you can rely on wall anchors to provide a secure and waterproof installation. The anchors are designed to resist moisture, making them an ideal choice for grab bars in shower areas.
  • ADA compliant with one or no studs: the Easy Mount wall anchors can support up to 300 lbs of weight, making them a perfect option for installing grab bars. You can be confident in your grab bar support when you install them with these. 
  • Compatible with different wall types: Whether you have drywall, drywall with tile, or fiberglass walls, wall anchors can be installed on all of them.

How to install them

Installing a grab bar using an Easy Mount Hollow Wall Anchor is straightforward. Here is a summary of the installation process:

  1. Mark the location of the grab bar with the outside of the flange as a guide, then mark the center. 
  2. Begin by making a 1¼ inch hole using an electric drill and a 1¼ inch hole saw bit. 
  3. Insert the wall anchor into the hole and hold it in place.
  4. Slide the plastic retainer until it is secured firmly against the wall
  5. Cut the rails of the retainer and discard them. 
  6. Install the mounting plate onto the wall anchor using the stainless steel bolt. Make sure it is tightly secured.
  7. Finally, install the grab bar onto the mounting plate. Check that all the bolts are well-tightened.

By following these simple steps, you can rest assured that your grab bar is installed correctly and will provide reliable support.

Easy Mount Wall Anchors are the perfect solution to finding a secure, hassle-free way of mounting grab bars in your home — no matter the surface material! 

Don’t let the installation process stop you from installing the grab bars you need in your home.

Get yours today!