Offer your clients a Red Dot design award-winning bathroom safety collection.


The PLUS Series

Impressive all-welded design. I wanted a grab bar shelf that I would never need to replace and this one should easily meet that standard. It is all solid welded stainless, even shelf. Comparable products from other manufacturers have plastic or glass shelves that I just don’t think will stand the test of time. This unit should out live me!

– Shari Kinnison (Customer)

Safety, Clutter-Free

In bathrooms, space is at a premium. Accessories and safety accessories are often competing for space or creating significant clutter. PLUS Series combines the function of accessories and safety to reduce clutter.

Move the slider and see the PLUS difference.

Installation Made Simple

Installing a grab bar can be complicated and more time-consuming. That’s why we made the install process as simple as possible.

9-Hole Flange

HealthCraft’s proprietary 9-hole flange makes it easier to hit studs with multiple screws.

Install on One Stud

The Toilet Paper Holder, Crescent Grab Bar and Towel Hook can all install on a single stud.

Install Anywhere

Compatible with Healthcraft’s EasyMount hollow wall anchor so you can easily install anywhere.

Standard Sizes

Installs like a normal grab bar when installing into backing and studs. Matches standard accessories sizes.

PLUS Features

Finishes to match the bathrooms.

All of the PLUS series is available in:

  • Brushed Stainless
  • Chrome Polished
  • Matte Black


Never worry about rust again. The PLUS Series is made of #304 Stainless Steel so stand up on the test of time in wet environments.

ADA Compliant

The PLUS Series rail diameter, wall spacing and weight capacity are all the compliant with the American Disability Act(ADA). The 1.25″ rail diameter offers an ideal size for a comfortable gripping surface.

It can support up to 500lbs / 227 kg, far exceeding the ADA requirement of 250lbs/113kg.

What is Red Dot?

The Red Dot Design Awards is a global design competition that recognizes outstanding product design across various industries. Each year, designers and companies from around the world compete for recognition of their design excellence based on criteria such as innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Winning a Red Dot Design Award is a significant achievement and a symbol of quality and innovation in the design world.

Visit the Red Dot Award’s Website To Learn More

Find out how the PLUS Series can help you easily add safety as part of your services.

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