Plus Toilet Paper Holder

Plus Series Toilet Paper Holder with hand holding it
Plus Series Toilet Paper Holder in context beside a toilet
Plus Series Toilet Paper Holder in brushed stainless finish

Plus Toilet Paper Holder


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Support Where You Need It
If you’re looking for a bathroom accessory that can also offer support, the Plus Series Toilet Paper Holder will be ideal. With a capacity of up to 500 lbs, this multi-functional toilet fixture will give you the dependable support you need to stand up from the toilet. The curved grab design provides a comfortable handle to grasp and plenty of clearance space for even the largest toilet paper rolls to fit.
Give yourself, or someone you care about, the peace of mind that comes with having a dependable grab bar in your bathroom.

Product Features

Comfort and Safety

Curved design for a comfortable hand grip that supports over 500lbs. Even holds the jumbo toilet paper rolls!
Plus Series Toilet Paper Holder in context beside a toilet

Easy Installation

The 9-hole flanges make installation easier, and the flange covers hide the mounting screws.
Closeup of the Plus Series 9 Hole Flange

Tech Specs

Specifications subject to change without notice. Product not intended for outdoor use.

Weight Capacity
500lbs / 227kg (ADA Compliant)
Stainless Steel
Brushed, Chrome, Matte Black
Rail Diameter
1.25" / 32mm (ADA Compliant)
Rail Height
14" / 363mm
Wall Clearance
1.50" / 38mm
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Part Numbers
Brushed: PLUS-SHS-BS-1PK
Matte Black: PLUS-SHS-BLK-1PK
Patent Number


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The Plus Toilet Paper Holder must be secured to structurally sound walls to support 500lbs weight capacity. If the desired location does not have adequate structure, add wood blocking. The flanges of the Toilet Paper Holder are vertically aligned so long as you can locate one stud - the installation is quite simple! We do not recommend installation if the structure behind the wall is unknown, or if the structure behind the wall is not suitable for supporting weight (examples: metal studs, thin fiberglass enclosures with insufficient stiffness and strength, etc). For more information, please download installation instructions.

For installations into 1/2" drywall or 1/8" fiberglass enclosures, we recommend using Easy Mount Anchors (available Fall 2022). The Hollow Wall Anchor distributes the load onto the wall materials to support the forces applied to a grab bar. The weight capacity is lowered to 300lbs based on the strength of the wall materials.

The Plus Toilet Paper Holder can be installed within reach when seated on the toilet. Keep in mind the following when choosing the optimal install location: 1. your safety requirements & motions, 2. the usability of the accessory, and 3. the overall bath environment.


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